Our History

Excerpt From Fort Bend History Book

sugar land texas trane dealer history
Johnny Jackson & Champ, 1951

Growing up in rural Oklahoma, one of eleven children, Johnny Jackson never dreamed he would end up in Texas with his own air conditioning company, especially since they never had it growing up. After 4 years in the Air Force as an air craft mechanic he spent twenty years with National Cash Register (NCR). NCR transferred him to Sugar Land in 1976. Johnny was looking for a change and could see the need for a good air conditioning service company. In 1982, Johnny started Jackson Air Conditioning. With a recession going on, it was not the best time to start a business. Johnny stuck it out and soon people learned he was the best man to call for their air conditioning and heating needs.

As a teenager, Brian Jackson worked alongside his dad learning about the business from the ground up. Brian has continued the company’s philosophy and continues to improve the business into the best air conditioning company in Sugar Land.

As the oldest Trane Dealer in Sugar Land Johnny said, “we learned early on that there was a big difference in quality and reliability in air conditioners. We soon teamed up with another Texas company, Trane out of Tyler, TX. Trane has the quality, reliability and technology needed in the hot humid Texas summers, and that keeps our customers comfortable, safe and happy.” Brian says “with the constant changes in the air conditioning industry it is so important to stay on top of the latest technologies with continuing education and training. It is not just cooling & heating anymore, it is also energy efficiency and indoor air quality.”