The Morgan’s in New Territory had a cracked heat exchanger, ba-1causing dangerous carbon monoxide to get into the house. They also had an air conditioner that did not cool very well in the summer. Jackson Air installed a Trane two stage XL16i A/C & Heating System. Now the Morgan’s are nice and cool in the summer and safe and warm in the winter.

Resulting from a bad installation – the Ryan’s in First Colony ba-2acould¬†not get the temperature below 80 degrees in the summer this ended up causing premature equipment failure. Jackson Air installed a Trane XL15 A/C & Heating System, now their home is comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.


ba-3Two Trane XL20i systems installed for the William’s in SW
. The downstairs system was originally under sized this caused the system to run constantly and created high utility bills. Jackson Air went back with the correct size system and now the whole house is comfortable and they have low utility bills.

ba-4aThe Schults in Greatwood were experiencing high utility bills, high
annual repair cost and high humidity from their 14 year old original A/C system. Jackson Air installed a Trane two stage XL16i A/C & Heating System, lowering their utility bills, humidity and making their home more comfortable.


ba-5The Young family in Missouri City decided it was time to get rid of their old inefficient air conditioning system. Jackson Air installed a Trane two stage XL20i A/C & Heating System, with a media filter. They now have lower utility bills, lower humidity and less dust!

Brian & Aaron repairing a package unit

Aaron & Victor installing a new Trane package for Spectrom Digital in Sugar Land